1st day… in the shop

On the first day after the holiday, I made a list of all the stories I would like to finish helping before I can really start on my own. This became a daunting list of story-lines of which I will be very proud when I eventually finish them up. They seem to represent all of the stories I BELIEVE in and are therefore by definition investments in other people. You might think that logically, when starting up a new venture, I should be focussing on bringing in paying customers… I should be positioning my expertise for what it is worth right?
However…over the years I have learned to trust my instincts when it comes to selecting the people in whom I would like to invest my time and talent. Sitting down at my fresh empty desktop after a holiday [and a major turn in my professional carrier], I observe and realise that the amount of time I will have to invest to finish helping others, gets in the way of finding and translating and sharing my own story. This makes me a bit anxious. It reminds me of the time Anna asked me how many academic subjects I still had to finish up before graduating. That sit down and forced overview took me 4 years to complete. This helps me focus in on finishing up in stead of making everything BIGGER al the time…;).
So… the first action after this break was to make my list of believable causes visible and present it to myself in my think/draw/share environment.  My second action will be to allocate a special day in the week to finishing these “visual manifesto’s” up and reconnect them with their owners. Just in time… because i need fresh content for my Cloud!
vy D.