Reprogramming City DNA

I have been working with Sam Colijn of Out-Of-Office and the team of van Dongen & Koschuch to create a translation of a complex plan to reprogram the DNA of an actual city. Pforzheim Germany is a city known for its precision SCHMUCK jewellery, the World renowned Automotive Design School and their beautiful SCHWARZWALD surroundings. However… this city is in dire need of a revitalisation of its image and general disposition. Even though the city might look fine ,because of the beautiful nature and 50’s Architecture, it is in trouble. It needs renewal at the genetical level…
To realise an immens undertaking like this, vDK has nurtured a unique relationship with the city officials as well as its entrepreneurs. But to make them understand the steps and get in touch with the feeling of the future scenario vDK had to backwards engineer the images that are easier to understand then visuals of a ready made result. To start this project we translated the 6 basic levels of change that make up the new DNA of Pforzheim. These visuals are springboards to get into the idea or mindset of the subject you are proposing to change. This lead to a the Hexagon figure at the top and gave the city officials a way to discuss the total change from a one picture perspective.
What followed was a visual translation of a romanticised look into the future of Pforzheim. The lenses that tell the story of the City in a near future are very open to discussion, because of their sketched appearance. The lenses below are build up from 3 iterations in which the client could steer the result to their own engineered storyline.

Achse-I / Exploring the desired areas and choosing the right perspectives

Achse-II / first iteration on the first sketches
Achse-II / first iteration on the first sketches

Achse-III / Inking the sketches and making final adjustments
Achse-III / Inking the sketches and making final adjustments

Achse-IV / Adding Depth  life by Coloring the Lenses
IAchse-IV / Adding Depth life by Coloring the Lenses

These lenses were added to the presentation and through the personas in these small peaks into the future gave a great way to relate to the plans for change in Pforzheim. Hopefully we can follow this project and see how these projections are realised over time.
patrick presenting