When we think together we create an opening to working together.

When we work together we create value.

When we create value together we can make anything happen… even turn trash into treasure!

One of the biggest challenges in the process of shared value creation is getting people together to talk and see how they are going to create more value by working together. In 2019 I worked together with Jurgen van der Heijden of AT OSBORNE and Ron Nap of the municipality of Apeldoorn to create an inspiring visual to get the talks about Collective Regeneration of Former Landfills (COREL) going (as part of an application for a European Subsidy for Regeneration.)

first sketch of a multifunctional collaboration for regeneration

The complexity of the conversation you will need to have with all those involved lies in their difference of perspective & responsibility. The simplest way of dealing with this is by making these perspectives visible. When we start with the idea of regeneration, the conversation resides in the abstract. By framing the idea of change in a way that different people can work on the same goal together, we get to coordinate concrete projects that make repurposing landfills a reality.

The concept of reclaiming landfills is not a new one. Generally speaking resources would be extracted and the land given a new purpose. That purpose would most likely be something like a solar or wind energy park. During this process the reclaimed land would be given a new purpose, but it would not regenerate.

So …what if …you could create a multi stakeholder approach in which different stakes would be matched together as to be repurpose not by a singular stakeholder, but by a collaborative effort of multiple ones.
This concept would take more time and work, but… if and when the system behind it works, society will profit as a whole. Not just the energy providers. An alternative project development process that would Reinvent Multi-functionality around landfills. Its a mouthful… and that is why you need a visual:

More information on this subject can be found in the online e-magazine (in dutch)


We tend to need a visual trigger to support a grand idea. But once we get beyond the idea and start to make plans to give structure to its realisation, we need to see what we are working on and who will be guiding the process. From my perspective the solution is quite simple. Make the system visible so everybody can claim their space and everyone can see the shared goal and multifunctional benefits of working together.

I am glad I can share this project. It has lead to a very promising collaboration with RWS and surrounding departments on our invisible connection with Groundwater… more on that later.
Thank you Jurgen & Ron!