How to plan a park…

A a native of the city of The Hague I am all to familiar with the Westduin Park. It is the stretch of dune that reaches from Kijkduin to Scheveningen. Quite an extensive area. As a boy our mother would takes us there on walks and School always made good use of its flora and fauna to teach young kids the basics of bugs, plants and water purification. To my surprise I came into contact with Tom Vaessen. Tom is part of the Gave dingen doen collective and has a company called Orange Logic. The surprise was the fact that we know each other through a shared good friend (Guy Hafkamp) and that Tom had just secured an assignment with the city of The Hague to organise several participatory sessions about a new vision for the Westduinpark. As is turned out Tom and I hit it of right away and his sessions were amazing… 40+ people in a small room sharing and building on each others ideas. The whole exercise was done to supply the engineers of city planning with the right content to make a new vision for the area.intake westduin participatie
We started with an intake talk in my Thinking Salon and ping ponged a bit between the engineering & policy offices at city hall. We ended up with the idea to try and funnel all of the concepts made during the sessions into building blocks that would help the engineers come up with the necessary new plans.