(Th)INK your way into reality!

The last two weeks have been a positive affirmation of my choice to act on my gut. I have been in the store for a little more then a month and have created an open space in which everybody who dares to enter is welcome to think about ways to make this first experimental bubble a shared succes.
I have been toying around with the notions of a salon, a studio and a stage, where I can guide the respective process of thinking, drawing and sharing of whatever people bring in to the store. What I found was that an open store window is an inspirational and luminous way to open any dialogue. Using big paper and wooden blocks as a starting point the conversation is reflected on the table surface, giving way to build on what you are talking about and creating the opportunity to view a subject from different angles. The ideal situation for me would be to take an hour after any session to create a visual. A visual reflection you can use to SHARE the experience and insights beyond the window session. Maybe a gallery of these conversations would be an interesting way to interact with the local community?
The next phase when guiding people from thinking to sharing would be to create a magnetising image that would inspire others to engage and enrich what was talked about in the thinking session. The goal should always be to engage and involve others in your thinking. These are the only ways to realise truly great projects. You can never do it alone! For me personally the individual process of translating a personal story to a magnetising beacon of inspiring light is what would happen in the STUDIO. Creating cool stuff that is destined to INSPIRE, INFORM & INFECT others to move their asses to realise their ideas.
The final stage would involve creating the perfect combination of space and time and share the now visible ideas to the right people. The STAGE should be a location that would best fit the intended audience, making this flex store a bit of a forced fit. This store is not necessarily the right place.  But this is my design challenge of the coming couple of months. How can this STAGE in  this STORE be the perfect decor to share ideas and show them in such a way that the ones that have the bright ideas may connect with the ones that could commit and help realise the first steps. Not because of their abilityto do so, but because they connect for their own personal right reasons. The cocktail of complexities that is this process needs some kind of design… something to hold on to while you are on your way to go from “nothing” to “something”.
The pictures above are a start of that place… the rest will follow when engaging with YOU!