A GRidd for thinking

It is strange that someone who is much like yourself can be out of your field of vision for so long… but I have reconnected with my brother in Visualization and must report that bonds like this do not wither. Instead I got inspired by a friend who has gone through a lot and is going stronger then ever with a focus AND some new point on the horizon. Mark Geljon is The Founder of GRidd, A Baarn based service provider/developer for Companies who are wrestling with Information.
According to their website GriDD improves collaboration processes, with the use of smart and innovative information concepts that lead to more effective business. I must say that the word EFFECTIVE jumped out at me for some reason and was met with some great practical information to product links that are being tested right in Gridd’s office.
What i found most interesting About my visit was that Mark and his team are actively exploring new physical interactions in information handling, which is a great way of keeping your eyes and other senses open for alternative ways of looking and working with information. In their office Gridd has incorporated a small prototyping space where employees can tinker and create small prototypes.

Mark Geljon at his prototyping station
Mark Geljon at his prototyping station

I was reminded of some cool gadgets that I forgot to buy… but the LEAP MOTION was the one that got my attention the most. Not because of the endless gaming or 3D sculpting possibilities, but because of the combination of my recently acquired knowledge of brainwave products. What if you could train yourself to use bothe the LEAP and the MUSE and the same time… Minority report in your living space!
Playing with the LEAP motion

Another great experiment was coupling a small wireless receiver to a red or green LED plugged into what I assume to be some kind of development board like the Arduino. The idea behind it is to give direct visual feedback if your sales funnel is up to par… Red for empty, a bummer when you get into the office, but a great motivator to get to work. And green for yes! we have work to do! If you think about it, it is a great way to receive information without actively seeking it out. You just SEE and light and you know instantly what it means… GET TO WORK…;)!
A red or green blinking light connect to your project CRM system

When I got home I instantly ordered a LEAP motion device and started to look at the arduino starters kit… The inspiring gadgets combined with a great insight on how to FOCUS your actions to get to where you need to go was a prelude to the ultimate question… What are you going to do Dennis? What’s on your horizon? Well… the first thing that pops into your head when you are asked a question like this is usually the right one. So I will keep you posted on how that develops…;) .
visually yours and thanx Mark!