Energy & Comfort

Joost Pothuis Moderator of Arcadis doing the final summery

Even a good thing can sometimes be taken too far. As is the case when I started to look around in the construction world and its efforts in energy saving. What happens here is that right now Energy, and its savings, is a hot topics in any industry. What usually stands in the way of realizing big savings is that all the parties involved [industry, government & home owners] need to be working together. This is not an easy situation to get in to. Luckily we have a good relationship with Denmark! A country with the most happy, but still most taxes people in the world! In Denmark they have been working on energy efficient housing for a long long time, which makes them experts by experience. So where do I come in?
I was hired by Martin Ykema, General manager of Grundfos Nederland B.V. ,who is a strong believer in the use of storytelling and the kind of person that can tell a story…;). Martin was thinking to add a visual component to a gathering of industry and government on the 2nd of June. His position was clear. The Pumps Grundfos sells are an integral part of a larger effort to not only create sustainable and energy efficient buildings, but also to create a comfortable indoor climate for the people who live in them. Together with VELUX windows and ventilation, Danfoss climate regulators and Rockwool Insulation Grundfoss is leading a collective vision to add qualified & quantified COMFORT as a human counterbalance to the technical energy saving perspective regulated by dutch policy. Simply said they are saying that they want to balance Energy & Comfort to not only reach the climate goals of 2020, but to also add the perspective of the people who in the end will be living in Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). The reason? To give companies that lead the way in innovative products that support comfortable sustainable living a chance to contribute to the energy goals as far as 2050. How do you achieve this? By inviting the government to revisit their policy to include regulations that support not only the technical codes but also the user standards.
This resulted in a visual that shows the dynamics of the discussion when balancing energy performance with quality of life. It will hopefully be used by all 4 market leaders to lead the way in revising building policy to include comfort.

The result of a discussion surrounding the efforts to add the human perspective COMFORT to building codes

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