Edventure case

setting barlow
I teamed-up with Roel Frissen of C4BMI to do a business modelling session using the Business Model Canvas. The day was initiated by Annemarie Kaptein, director of Edventure. An association of educational consultancy bureaus that enforces integral policy and advice deployment in the development of education and care in education.
The team itself went through the motions of getting to know the 9 blocks of the Business Model Canvas and did a great job of filling the blocks with the right answers to the often simple but sneakily difficult and profound answers needed to make this CANVAS work as a prototyping tool. The result was a canvas filled with postits. Not a bad start.
To simplify the CANVAS one has to reduce the amount of elements that are on the table. What was difficult for EDventure was that they so many things lying on the table…and they are all relevant…;). In order to start prototyping you need to have a simplistic grip on your model so by forcing the visual reduction card, we were left with the basics. Enough to start moving elements around. But this is still not enough…
After the session there was a basic sketch which I took to the shop and enhanced with an incubated vision. What we ended up with was a 4D (3Dimensional+time) Story of EDventure. It gives direction to the most important elements that were on the table and shows the dynamic between what this association does for its members and the way the members are also a part of the product that the association is strengthening.
The translation of the CANVAS blocks into a 3D world set in time will start as a starting point to make the shared story of this group of educational heroes more visible.