Community in between

Connecting Citizens and City
Ronald Lenz of Cities Next is an old friend who has also ventured on to new thinking spaces. He founded the new Community building platform Cities Next with Daniela Krautsack. Together with their team they design civic innovations that can cultivate and nourish communities positioned between the Smart Citizen and the Social City.
Because of the rising interest in the creation and maintenance of communities Ronald and Daniela were invited to share their story at the NL wordt anders event. For their whole story check the link of NLwordtanders.
In order to share a story as a new breath of fresh air, Ronald called me to see how I would tackle the presentation. This resulted in a vision driven intake here at the VIZDOME in wassenaar. After some ping pong sessions we were able to create a sketched idea of the concept of adding a community to a locality. This is what they presented at the Nederland wordt anders conference with success. The Romantic image of civic design, which was a side product of the process to get to the abstraction, might still be a nice image to take to the next level… the smart next level of a social city with its smart citizens.