A whole new frame…

Recently I was asked to describe my personal biggest innovation…and yes… it’s an abstract one. On the 24th of October 2014 my personal change was displayed among 52 AMICI of Jan Buijs, who graduated to the rank of Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of the Delft University of Technology after an impressive contribution made to the field of industrial design. His focus on the individual drive to innovate made his voice an important pilar in the development of the process that leads to new products & services.
His “final” gift to the academic world was revealed during his closing speech on the centre stage of the university. He offered a new word for the USER who adopts new products and/or services by being the first to experience an innovation when it hits the market. In stead of calling this person the INNOVATOR (like Everett Rogers did in his Innovation adoption curve) Buijs proposes the new name of INNOVATEE. My guess is that it will take some getting used to, but I fully intend to start using this new Typecasting word right away!  The only reason being that this word just fits the jargon of an INNOVATOR [the one who goes through the creation process of generating/designing something new]. As I am discovering more and more… the role of INNOVATOR is one that fits me quite well. Which is also the reason why I would like to share my personal innovation online. The following is the direct text which accompanied the visual of me presenting/showing my dynamic flexible fluctuating VISUAL DESIGN FRAME. Every day I make it… I try to remake it the best I can…;).
The text at the EXHIBITIO AMICORUM of Jan Buijs:
My name is Dennis Luijer and I am an artist who has adopted the process of design. It took me 12,5 years to join the ranks of those who can call themselves masters of Science and another 7,5 years to realise that I am still an artist. 20 years of thinking about what art & design mean to me… that just about sums me up.
Please describe the innovation (maximum 50 words):
My innovation is the visible FRAME I design to model my thinking. Every day it helps me to handle client complexity and reduce it to simple stories that allow people to share what is most important to them.
 Please describe how the innovation changed your life (maximum 200 words):
The shift that changed my life was when I started to trust the effect I had when drawing out someone else’s thinking. This realization ignited my belief in sketching as a thinking tool and eventually lead to the creation of my companies. Ripple, JAM & now Visually yours.
What makes solving any problem COMPLEX is that the space for opportunity is nearly infinite. Reality has no boundaries. All the elements that float around in your head when thinking of ways to advance in an unrestricted situation can combine into an overwhelming CLUTTER. What makes FRAMING work, as a thinking tool, is that it models your thinking and SIMPLIFIES your solution space. True innovations happen when you have to deal with the restrictions of your reality.
My appreciation for drawing led me to a world of professionals that are working every day to help others CAPTURE, FRAME and MODEL their thinking. My personal vision to make thinking visible, turned out to be a service that would yield great value for individuals, teams and even whole companies. With my future actions I hope to contribute to the further development of this field and UNLEASH its TRUE potential of CONNECTING us all!
Please describe how Jan changed your life (maximum 25 words):
I find Jan to be an entertaining and approachable character whenever I met him at an ALUMNI mixer. Listening to his experiences in combination with a couple of beers always led to a better understanding of where the faculty has come from and how it has grown. Jan should always be invited to the ALUMNI drinks… he has too many untold stories to tell that reveal the nature of design originated in Delft.