Visual Storyline

I have always admired the belief of others.

My own beliefs get strengthened when I help others to believe in who they are and where they are going. When we believe in something, we are strong.  We get energy to go for the extra mile. I help people to make their complex story visible, but at the same time

I light the fire of their beliefs, because I believe people can achieve anything, if they make their thinking, their intentions, their path and their journey VISIBLE for others to relate to.

By going through a simple and small design cycle  (Connect | Care | Create) I translate movement from A to B  to a VISIBLE and tangible IMAGE with which people can interact. I then engineer the relationship you need to connect to the story and create the experiential steps needed  to get the job done. The combination of UNDERSTANDING and FEELING what a story is about, and what part you play in its grand design, comes together in the space of the in between.

By allowing art and design to expose the story, making change visible is not the end result. It is the beginning of an open way of showing what you are doing, how you do it and how far along

you are on your path and on your journey.

Making the shared story of people in organizations visible by mapping out who they are, where they stand & want to go, gives them a way to look at their playground and focus on what they need to be doing to keep connecting an open mind to the serious steps that move forward into the future.