Standing in the middle of your story

A space as platform

The creation of this VISUAL ONLINE platform is the natural result of an ongoing search for interaction and engagement Online. We are all bound by our stories and it seems that the online universe is giving us ways to express and share our movement over time. Most of the time just by instagramming or facebooking a situation, but sometimes we take the time to share more. On, on a blog or even a Vlog, on fora/agorra and MOOCS… with everything ranging from academic papers to heartfelt emotional outbursts.

We like to share… and we like to LIKE … (please like my page…;). But how do we connect all of these points of sharing and manage to form an opinion or start to feel a feeling that is informed and complete and not one sided? I don’t want to get political here, but when we inform ourselves with ALL side we might not react like we do. We might even start to understand more then just your own world.

Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to receive the key to the “INSPIRATOR HOUSE”. A new location for
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Constellations of ART
In Wassenaar we have a windmill. In this monumentally Dutch beauty there is a gallery. A place where
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Visually yours is an invested partner in the Event Design Collective. An international team of event professionals who
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Stand in the middle of your story!
Visual-Spaces is an instrument to help you connect your steps to whatever story you want.
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Haagse Duinen
In 2016 I paired up with Jannis Karalis to work on an online experience of the Majestic Dunes
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Sharing DOOM with Carl
One of the more interesting people I met lately was Carl Verheijen. This former IceSkating Olympic Brons Champion has
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2015 was a fresh start for me. After a 6 months personal recalibration following my exit from JAM visual thinking,
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