Beyond New Governance

This project has been one of the longest running project I have ever worked on. To get to the point where new governance is proposed in a simple 3 part model, I had to wander down a divers road meeting vision driven people for about 5 years.
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How do you make your company shift gears?
There are many paths that lead to change. They all engage and involve your workforce. But how do you get a country or even an economic system to adapt its traditional thinking to the urgencies of today?
Mildred Hofkes is a communications expert and has a very clear path. When you join her on this path you will literally see new forms of leadership evolve, because they are necessary to help society deal with her proposed shift in thinking. She organises gatherings that open up the dialogue needed for Captains of industries to learn how to adapt their thinking.
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Mildred’s story starts with reputation. The construct that takes a long time to build, but seconds to destroy. Her reputation-model states that managing your reputation starts with knowing your surroundings. To be able to share this story and relate it to a mostly traditional crowd of reputable leaders she needed a MAP. Over the last 3 years her story has grown in momentum and strength and is finding the right heads and harts. Do you know who your stakeholders are? Check out her website on: Nieuw Best8-ik bestuur bewust

Last year Mildred organised a “final” reputation management event for which I made a new landscape. A landscape that showed the difficulties that lay beyond the first hill of change.. even further then that. You might say that this image takes the people who govern to a place where they have the opportunity to reflect, build and prototype new ways of looking and using flexible frameworks that will open up or even break through the dam of regulation & policy. Making it possible for innovation to manifest itself where it needs to.
A story like this needs to be written in the future tense… people need to be able to imagine what it will be like to organise fluidly. Mildred is still using the first landscape to show and confront leaders with the balance between Profit & Potential. Opening the doors to the tipping dialogue she organises tables within domains to talk about the experiences they have when changing to a more connected way of leading organisations. This is an on going quest… so keep checking back!
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