Anything you can make visual together, you can make happen together. With over 2 decades of experience in the field of visual translation I now broaden my view to help people to embrace the interactive & engaging powers of DRAWING together.

Personally I have the ability to make others SEE something by drawing it out. In my teachings I share the many interconnected patterns, techniques and hacks to draw your thinking out into reality. The uniquely tailored TIME2DRAW lessons introduce a fresh new VISUAL mindset that leads to directly noticeable effects in the workplace.

People get activated to think more together and there is an increase of visible progress. By drawing together we co-create a culture of collaborative exploration and open honest sharing. I teach a new mindset, some simple yet powerful visual structures and a whole lot of practice. Once equipped with a more VISUAL way of thinking, people start to look & listen in a different way and that is when the real value of drawing starts to pop up. n a workshop setting participants learn how to create visuals that connect thinking to doing and learn how to share these visual narratives to drive desire change, break barriers, find essence while having fun doing it.

NUON morning / afternoon
In the month of June and a bit of July, I had the privilege to share my thinking
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Creating a story to reach the golden egg
Great blogpost of my new colleague in the KUNSTGROEP WASSENAAR Helene courier. Source: Creating a story to reach
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Financien bij de KABK-les2
Ecru neutral Saint Laurent indigo tee gold collar. Denim shorts envelope clutch sneaker Céline leggings skirt.
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“The one vision is realized by the many steps.” I have been living with a vision for the
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No Story, No Glory!
Ianus Keller asked me to put together a workshop on the creation of scenarios and/or storyboards as part
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Feather Foot
I used to find refuge in drawing big floating COWblock with pulsating Udders… which is why I post
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Lekker Leuk Koken
Verleden jaar ben ik uitgenodigd bij de vorming van een alliantie. Een samenwerlking gedreven door een passioneel pleidooi
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next age, new values
Last year I was happy to see Mildred Hofkes reach a 5 year journey of nurturing and engaging
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Expositie over beweging
Sommige dingen overkomen je ineens. Zo word ik plots uitgenodigd om te exposeren in de molen van Wassenaar.
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what are you afraid of?
7 ate 9…;)
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