Constellations of ART

In Wassenaar we have a windmill. In this monumentally Dutch beauty there is a gallery. A place where exhibitions are curated, sourced from the active community of city residents and good friends who make art together (or by themselves). To make this community more visible we are using the art of Wassenaar as a source of content we hope to liberate by making an interactive VISUAL – SPACE.
We have been engaging members with re-calibration sessions organized by helene courrier and Dennis Luijer. Step by step we are uncovering a new story that opens up the doors to this 45+ year old art group. By doing these sessions we slowly but surely uncover a new story. Starting with eggs we moved into self portraits and during the last session we started to look at the community through all of its art.
By simply taking all the online content of the art group and putting it together in one visual multiverse ( a long print of paper), we were able to look at the diversity and multi talented group of artists who live and create in Wassenaar.
But in order to really start engaging with the different types of art be needed to cut up the print and make the artists create their own CONSTELLATIONS.
One of the best things that came out of this session was the Truus-Remark that we should look at the art of Wassenaar not as groups of disciplines, but as dispersed random creations. What if you would zoom through a space and experience a chaotic collection of creation…all made in Wassenaar. This thought was amazing… thank you Truus!
After a session like this, you go home and think about what steps can be made to make this group and its Artfull expressions, more visible to the outside world beyond the windmill.
Jannis Karalis and Dennis Luijer are looking at the interaction and the story connecting all of these unique possible spaces. In our main VISUAL SPACE you will find a bubble with a floating triangular logo inside. This is where we will try to build up the connection between all of the members of the Art group Wassenaar.
On the 12th of December we will be adding more content to the space WITH the people who will come. Click here to go and check it out.
At the moment this experience will only run on your PC… the mobile efforts are coming along nicely. We have the backing of some friends at T-mobile,. who have provided us with some phones for experimentation. Once this platform is downloadable from either the play- or the appstore… there is going to be a party!
Screenshot 2017-11-16 00.28.36