Luctor et Emergo! I battle and emerge! Our driving dutch characteristic.
What is the role of the water we do not see? Groundwater is our common connector!


Ron Nap
Ariane Tuinenburg
Nicole Hardon
Jelle Troelstra
Corne Nijburg
Dennis Luijer


Starting image

living environment

Anything worth doing needs a central start of that Story.
A trigger to get the narrative going and a way to open up the first emotional connection to possible collaboration.
As so for the connecting character of Groundwater. After some debate the collaborating team came to an analogy of a fishing floater. This inspired this image of a local physical living environment, floating amidst all groundwater of Holland. It symbolises that groundwater crosses all municipal and regional boundaries and truly connects us all.


Trigger image

emotional response




Bringing stakeholders together by going through a creative process together has been the setting for this project. When there are different people working one various unique challenges it becomes difficult to align all stakes. The visual is an end result of a 4 month interaction in which we tried to create a foundation to show how we can start up a shared dialogue about the relevance of groundwater.

 In order to give a voice to what is below our feet and effectively invisible to us, we needed to create a space where we could think and react to each other.  

 What has been a good learning was that gated platforms like Citrix prevent the use of collaborative tools like dropbox or Mural. In collaborative projects like this it is wise to have a flexible and adaptive way of working.

Zoom vs Team

Getting together in this pandemic focussed time is relatively easy. Personally I like using Zoom, but teams worked great swell.


Mural is my preferred platform to collaborate with people. Good to learn that access to mural is difficult within a governmental structure and their IT policies.

Dropbox vs Wetransfer

When we can not work with one platform we use another. For some reason Wetransfer links do get past the IT gates of the dutch government.  

Start with context

This project ended up with the creation of two posters. The poster above communicates a shared path to a practical perspective forward, between all parties involved. Creating a shared context is key. Sharing the story about groundwater and the invisible ecosystems that lie below our feet is an important step to start up a process of stakeholder alignment.

Groundwater workshop

. Once the stage has been set between all who have a stake in that physical living environment AND everyone has been made conscious about what stakes are on the table, it is time to start playing the GAME.
By working through a map of what lies below, the stakeholders build a shared system of interdependencies, that shows where their stakes conflict and where they amplify each other. The navigator helps to bring the discussion to a shared program of action.

A story of above & Below

This project was a joy to work on because all those who are involved in it have a motivation to give a voice to the invisible systems that govern out waterworld. I must thank Ron Nap for his dedication to make everything work for everybody. His commitment to working inclusively is truly commendable.


For more information about this project check out the microlearning created by IN BRAIN: https://demo.inbrain.nl/grondwater/