…then everybody can play!

…facing the big ocean of possibility when I turn my back to JAM, I jump in with the bagage of 10 Years of building a company that has been getting ready for the new human way of operating. Ironically  this new way of working revealed a separate door for myself. A door that once taken allows me to run free and splash around in the water again, like the green water buffalo I am…
After my focus to get VY going, the first wave of interaction has been with my loved ones. It takes more time at home to realise how important your presence can be in your most direct surroundings. I can feel this most when I am fixing things around the house while the kids are playing. Involving them in what I am doing is a big challenge when you want things to go in a certain way. And to make this challenge even greater I got to go on a field trip with Elsa and Svea and all of the 1st and 2nd graders of the Nutsschool in Wassenaar. My task was simple… manage, guide,take care of 4 girls in the coolest place to explore things, the ONTDEKHOEK in Amsterdam. This taught me one very important lesson… just let them go… and ride the wave! Trying to channel the desires of 5 little vectors who go in different directions at individual speeds is impossible if you want to ENJOY their uninhibited creative fire. In this place there were no rules…which meant everybody could play!
The daily activities that keep me going are meeting up with friends who have been standing on the horizon for far too long. Meeting and reflecting with those who either speak my language, or know how to challenge it, has been a great way to see what comes out when they start to ask me the question behind the question. What are you going to do and where are you going to start? This is where I end up saying something vague about drawing BIG… That something is what I need to explore more.
You can find one of the fuelling initiatives at the campaign for drawing.
the first waves have been created… who wants to get wet?