From toilet to new venture

Today, the first of may 2014, I start a new venture.  I will be sharing the details with you at regular intervals, but for now I would like to share with any doubting entrepreneurs, that a company can be registered within 2 hours! I was on the toilet, surfing the web like many of us do sitting down, and I thought: “let’s see what I have to do nowadays to register a new company at the chamber of commerce”. This lead me to their not so responsive website, but I started to fill in the required data to start something new. It took all of 10 minutes after which I was asked when I would like to finalise the registration process… the browser opted the choice 10.30… which was 20 minutes from my visit to the toilet. This was the moment to say: “let’s go! Let’s start something new!”. And I did. I am now the proud owner of a new dutch Number of entrepreneurship… A number that allows me to officially take the next step in visual thinking. It also forces me to pay taxes… so like joey ramon said…! start rockin!

next step in visual thinking
chamber of commerce in the hague