A new phase… a new face

Making your mark does not get boring… I must say that for all the years I have been working there have been an equal amount of years of me trying to get my thinking to match my doing. In JAM I thought I had almost found the right kind of sharing when it comes down to talking about visual thinking and the people who are best at this. It has now been about 6 months since I have moved on from the comforts of the JAMJAR and ever since that time I have been looking for a right way to make myself known to the world. With Visually yours I have rekindled the pilot light of a vision, which has long-since been with me,  to a new fiery beacon of phat visual beats…. because yes folks… It’s all about that bass… no treble…;)
Today I reach one of those nexus point when you are slow cooking a design. Suddenly I just overlaid one piece of my puzzle of the other and presto, wham bam thank you ma’am… there it was. The next step of my visual identity. I know that after all of these years I show ask for help and that is just what I would like to do by posting this post.
To all of those graphic nut-cases who I have met over the years I pose a challenge. Help me take the look and feel of Visually yours to a new level of mark making. In exchange I offer you my services and personal enthusiasm to get your own story unleashed! Oh yeah and I just acquired a kick-ass plotter scanner…so…:).
There is a story that fits with the visual feel of this Logotype… check out my next post for more about Vy!