When life hands you a perfect place to start a new experiment…you take it! The family walked by the old wellness / bio-product store in Wassenaar and we saw that it was for rent …on a temporary basis. This location is about 750 meters from our house and is perfect for the first experiment post JAM.  A week and a moment later I was talking to the owner of the company GO PURE [which has evolved into the EKOPLAZA in the city centre] and we struck a deal on the spot. This just goes to show that you have to be able to trust your gut… and act fast! The following day I was moving all my flexible goodies into this temporary space and over the coarse of the weekend I decided what to do. My new venture “Visually yours” gives me the possibility to find out what I can do with my own story during the month of july. Hopefully by the end I will know what I will be doing starting in September. Until that time there are NO RULES!!!! Everybody can come by and play!