What if everybody in the world was able to come together by drawing out what they think and feel? Making it easier for us to share what we think we know and accelerate the process of making things happen?
After a good deal of (visual) thinking I have reached two paths that tackle this challenge:
1: Every day I am articulating & improving the value of drawing as a thinking & learning tool. By bringing back the balance between logical & emotional thinking I hope to contribute to the way people look, see & understand themselves, each other and their place in the bigger picture. I do this daily by simply helping people to draw out their thinking.

2: When people accept drawing as a general skill and not as an artistic privilege something wonderful happens… I have seen them work together better, improving the way they communicate and share the big idea across silos, kingdoms & egos. The process of drawing is fun, social and deeply serious. Every time you use it to share your ideas you open up the possibility for others to connect and contribute to the realization of the biggest dreams you can imagine.

These statements make up my ‘VISUAL Philosophy’. They are based on a million little experiences and encounters with drawing as a communicative tool in the workplace. Visually yours demystifies the skill of drawing by standing next to professionals and guiding them in the use of visualization. Hopefully this will lead to a more applied use of drawing in the workplace and depending on the willingness to embrace new ways of working, create a foundation on which we can rebuild the way we share our thinking.
But how do you go about sharing a dream or a mission where the ultimate goal is getting people to draw and its purpose is nothing less then world peace…;)
The philosophy of Visually yours has been forged over time by listening to different signals on different levels in an over stimulated world. After 2 decades of THINKING I am now ready to start DOING what I know and sharing it with those who need it to make the world better by drawing it out.