The Drawing Laboratorium

Any change is good… its just a matter of how YOU look at it…When the perspective is right then you can joke about anything. I think George Carlin (comedian) said something along these lines when he was talking about what can be perceived as funny. Moving to a new location is funny like that. To me it feels like something I ought to be doing all the time… Professionally I move around to stay fresh and accept the situation that I am on my own making new connections and getting rid of old thinking.
As I move to a new location with Visually yours so begins a new chapter. The move was relatively painless and all done with my trusty Volvo…;). The fact that it was 500 meters from my Thinking Salon did not hurt either. The new center of my work is located at Gravestraat 8a in Wassenaar. If you are familiar in Wassenaar it is directly across of the windmill. After a half year of thinking in a huge and empty store and meeting a lot of inspiring people,I grow towards a 3 layer House where I will organise a new version of the Thinking Salon. The top floor will be a 3 station studio and the basement a tinkering lab for all design and fabrication purposes needed for my new Focus: The VISUAL CHANGE MAKING business. More on that later. For now I leave you with a quick impression of the new place, where the coffee is always brewing…;)