A while back a friendly small lady called Brigitte came into the (th)INKING Salon. She asked me if I could help her print out one of her sculptures during a live Art-Cafe. She had heard from the local office supply store (that happens to sell 3D printers) that there was a GUY who wanted to experiment with some 3D oriented stuff in a Salon down the street…This not so incidental meeting lead to me sharing my 3D printing inheritance with Brigitte. At the same time I kind of stumbled into the Art scene of Wassenaar… which is kind of old and dusty but very respectable…;).
The idea is that Wawoe & “Visually yours” team up to scan Brigittes original 3D sculptures and reproduce them by printing them out in a limited number on a 3D system Cubify Cube. At the moment there are 3 sculptures on sale! Come check them out in the Salon or keep a close eye out for original online WAWOE3D’s!