Gaetan, Weronika & Roberto

Visualization 1 – VIZ01 Drawing as a basis for thinking, exploring, prototyping and sharing


Tutor (Name & short Bio)Dennis Luijer, MSc. – Visually yours.
Class(es) Fridays 9.30 – 15.30
(What is this course about?)
In any context where ‘something’ is created
from ‘nothing’, the artist/Designer needs to
formulate an opinion based on his or her
surroundings. Visualization 01 challenges the
students to draw out their thinking with fast
sketches and clear writing, enabling them to do quick studies, explore possibilities or make fast prototypes of their thinking and share those thoughts or stories with others (if or when needed or desired).  
In the last decade “VISUAL THINKING” has
gained momentum as an increasingly more
important and valued way we use our brain
(7 intelligences) . Its importance is growing
because of the accelerating amount of
information we share. In order to keep some
kind of overview in an ever more complicated world we need to be able to look, feel and
connect quickly, in order to be able to reflect
and relate what is happening around us and
express this in unique and original ways.
Making thinking Visible is not a luxury
anymore. Visual communication and the ability to share your story at a moments notice is
becoming more and more important.  
Visualization 01 equips the students with the
ability to SHARE their thinking through simple drawings. Connecting their thinking to what they are doing allows them not only to connect
with their subjects, but empowers them to be
(What can you achieve?)
This course jumpstarts the use of rapid
Visualization skills to support the I/M/D  
students in constantly reflecting on what they are thinking and why.

Quickly explore directions and make studies of
their surroundings, themselves and how they
relate their own opinion(s) to others.  

The objective of this course is to teach the
students to get comfortable in drawing out their thinking quickly and challenge them to start
making thinking tangible at the most early
stages of their creative process. 

Connecting thinking to doing by making
thinking something you can confront and interact with 

The objective of this course is to learn how to
fail fast and fail forward, and do this in an open and transparent way, so you get used to sharing and organizing your own feedback.