Giving structure to what you are thinking works as a tool for building things together. Building towards a goal is a skill you can master quickly when you apply drawing as your guide. By drawing ‘stuff’ out you claim space to create a shared way of looking at the same problem. DESIGN is a way of THINKING that has a direct link to making that thinking real.

To promote a culture of design we need to be able to integrate our thinking on all levels. We need to mix long term perspectives with  responsible daily design choices, while at the same time listening to the stakes of the user, your team and company shareholders. To DESIGN understanding is to ENGINEER a relationship with your own story and all of its actors.

To get people to understand & contribute to moving from A to B, I help them make their paths and Journey visible. A PATH has a two year horizon (hill), where as the JOURNEY lies in between the horizon and your goal. If it is not clear where the journey will lead, the movement will go slow, or in circles. So in order to actively connect the steps you take to your story you make, I help you to Draw out YOUR Change! 

We Show the process,

share the progress

to make the change come true!