Each company in development comes to a point where the story of what you offer to whom and why you do that becomes relevant to share with the masses. Based on what I am experiencing at the moment, sharing the story of Visually yours is more a personal release then a strategic play for attention. Finally I am confident enough… so let’s go.

Ever since I started working with Jorg Humel de Vries of TRAKTUR, I started to come down from my thinking cloud. Enough thinking Jorg said… it is time for some F*cking Drawings!!!! So SHUT UP DENNIS… and start drawing!
So Okay… enough thinking. In 2016 I start drawing more! The problem is that I have conditioned myself to make every line I draw a meaningful line. Almost every stroke has some kind of meaning.  A difficult state for an artist… being stuck in meaningful mode. That is why I love the fact that I could dump al of my thoughts about an emblem for Visually yours on Jorg. Let him figure out what I can not see anymore.


the Vy-creationswirl

To my surprise and delight he came back with a triangle filled with balls… A powerful visual that has a lot of the characteristics of secret societies and magical incantations. Pretty cool. But what does it mean?

Finding the story that matches the work I do with visually yours and the expectations of an ‘new age’ image like this, was not as hard as I thought.
Originally the triangle is a delta. The mathematical symbol for CHANGE. In my own visions about an emblem I envisioned the delta crossed with a creation spiral. What Jorg came up with was quite ingenious.
He was able to create the spiral by adding the circles in a golden ratio format. When you look at the emblem you don’t see the spiral… you start to see spaces beyond. Ah crap… it is a new age logo…;)

The rest of the story will follow….