Since the beginning of last year I have had the privilege to be a part of the development of the EVENT CANVAS. You might say the resemblance with the Business Model Canvas is there in the sense that the whole exercise starts with filling in the empty canvas blocks. But as the 9 block Business Model explores and prototypes Business model structures, the 14 block Event Canvas helps you to map the CHANGE you experience going to, through and away from and event. Over the course of this last year I have come to get to know Ruud and Roel of event model generation  and their quest to develop a common event language, which has an enormous paralel with everything I have been trying to realise with Visual Thinking. Therefore the match between us is quite natural and the shared path to try and map out CHANGE in a more visual way is one we are walking together. This is also why I have been added to the EMG TEAM and put onto the website as a contributor to the further development, testing and visual support of the Event Canvas.
As it turns out the event canvas is very useful for designers who are mapping out their user and designing products or services that have a certain impact. With this event canvas you can map out the desired change you want to see in the user when using your design. Consumer Touch points, Customer Journeys, Instructional design and a big box of promises… I predict this Canvas can be used outside of its intended context with great succes for both the designer as well as the user as the most important stakeholders! This is why I shall be trying to use it as often as possible to see if this leap outside of its own boundaries can be made in good conscience…;). Check out what we are doing on and what I will be showing soon on the Visually yours Blog.