Connected Moments help you to share and experience the stories that you have been living over time. Visions live in our heads and are not easily transferable between people… it it were we would have a lot less conflict in the world, because we would simple understand and feel each others perspective. With the help of a connected moment we can help you to step through a difficult doorway or experience excess or bounce back from a barrier A connected moment can be experienced in your own time… in your own way. The impact it will have is based on its ability to connect YOU to the moment

“The connected moment” is a promise. Each connected moment is prototyped to help you to expand your thinking from a 2 Dimensional reality to a 3 or even 4 or 5 Dimensional experience. The CM gives the viewer the opportunity to Look at value over time, see and move through the entire picture to understand everyones point of view. The designed experiences help you connect your daily activity to the story you are living.