As a part of the “Drawing out Change” Initiative, Vy is organising an experiment in collaboration with T-mobile. The idea is to create an open space for visual change making WITHIN a company department. By inviting in an outside perspective to draw out desired change or add to a more visual working environment you create a new way of working together… from the inside out!
In this case Vy has made contact with Digital Services, a part of the operations pilar of T-mobile. In January we scope out the internal vibe by interviewing a cross-section of this digital department. The results will be analysed and brought back to the new homelab at the Gravestraat 8a in Wassenaar. The boundaries that this scope will uncover will serve as a basic frame to start making the right visual steps within the department. will report our sharable findings and track the Drawing progress that these telecom professionals are making as we go!