I have been working with T-MobileNL for quite a while now and I had yet to meet the brand and Com team. I got the opportunity to challenge their UNLIMITED thinking by filling in the activities at an off-site team retreat, which was geared towards creating a new bond between a newly configured  group of professionals. The location was a perfect place to do a couple of exercises that would not only bring these people together, but also introduce a new frame of mind. How do you think UNLIMITED?
It is one thing to say you have an UNLIMITED amount of data to use when you join T-mobile as a client… but what does this mean? What does it mean for this team, what does it mean for the company, but most important…what does it mean to offer something without limits???
We carried on with a Challenge that was to be executed in a FERRIS WHEEL! A great way to get some distance and look beyond just the challenge. What became very clear very soon, was that going on a Ferris wheel can be a challenge in itself (for some people). During the ride an extra Challenge was added (by Whatsapp!) to keep everybody thinking on their toes! The presentations that followed were based on a simple comic book style presentation in which you introduce a situation and go through an UNFORTUNATELY, FORTUNATELY, UNFORTUNATELY & FORTUNATELY to add some drama to the storytelling. Worked great!
By the end of the day the biggest challenge was to keep the energy up… so this is why we did a standing catchphrase carousel ending up in one shared battle cry!