One of the more interesting people I met lately was Carl Verheijen. This former IceSkating Olympic Brons Champion has put his enormous ability of Focus to an almost impossible task. Reforming the way we look at the CARE system. I met Carl at a New Governance conference and we ended up making a big visual of his challenge. Not only a sketch enabling him to share his collective efforts but also a visual sharing the impending DOOM scenario we are heading towards when we do nothing. This “ANTI-SOLL” has become a great way to expose delicate relationships and political standstill. By using  a narrative to talk about how it all got so bad, Carl is able to make a stronger point when talking about getting rid of the walls of miscommunication to ushering new Models of working together in the CARE system focussing on prevention and not the complaint. (going from : “what is the matter?’ to ” What matters to you?”. Check him out in this video and check out the link below, made possible by Jannis Karalis. A 360 degree experience of the visual.

zorg preventie model