Innovating a good thing

I travelled down to Hilvarenbeek to settle down in a nice inn and have a great diner with my long time friend Ramon Vullings and his partner in ideas Mark Heleven. On my second day after the holiday I was invited by Ramon to co facilitate a future vision session for Brabant Water. The second biggest water provider/miner in the Netherlands. It was a very good session, mainly because of Ramon’s excellent preparations. What does help is that all the participants of this Broad Vision session were very motivated and had an above avarage interest in making the techniques we used work… they KNOW they have to have to change…;).
What interests me though is that a company that is doing very well at what it does and has absolutely no direct problems or threats (outside of the normal trends you have to deal with in your organisation), organizes an event to start preparing for future resilience. It almost feels like the ultimate organisational luxury when you think in the moment. But when you look at the ambitions and strategies from a broader scope and start practicing a way of thinking that allows you to be ready for anything that might happen in the future it starts to feel logical… at least to me…;). What I learned at this session was that the creation of a possible future WHATin2050-scenario, was a great way to prepare these people to backcast that broad minded scenario using the business model canvas in combination with a deep-web-search-booklet as a way to get into the future mindset. At the end of the day we were able to bring all the “weirdness” back to practical investments in conceptual experiments that Brabant Water can start up to get familiar with this way of thinking and prototyping. Don’t focus on creating new innovations, but make room for an attitude adjustment that will lead to a more resilient way of handeling future black swan [TALEB] events.
The location rocked by the way…: Hilvaria Studio’s