From February till April Vy will be exercising a “friendly VISUAL takeover” at the Digital Services Department of T-Mobile Holland. In January I interviewed a cross section of the workforce which gave me some idea of their daily routine and typical work related communication issues. The idea behind this “Bring-an-external-WITHIN” operation is that by introducing a free visual agent in a framed environment you get a direct reflection of how others SEE and /or perceive youself. An internally reflective surface that exposes strengths and weaknesses right there, within the flock… A MIRROR that gives back what you put into it. As with this experiment, we will experience the effects as we move down the VISUAL path and see how far Digital Services is willing to tag along. As ever the bigger picture is to see if professionals are willing to commit to a more visual mindset. I have been trying to guide people down this path, but all these years have failed to enforce the basis of any good teaching method… Commitment & repetition. Hopefully by being there, somewhat all of the time, to encourage and jumpstart the use of the visual arsenal that will be taught in the coming months a better adaptation of the right mindset will be realised… Maybe also then revealing the answer to a question that stand as long as I have been promoting Drawing as a professional thinking tool. Will it make a difference in YOUR life? Will it improve the quality of work and ability to share and solve problems together. This is what we will find out together. Digital Services and Visually yours…. bound to a shared belief and willing to commit to make it real.

This is the Digital Services Workforce… or part of it. En all the head count is about 40-45 people. When I conclude the experiment I shall make a final video…to see how DS has changed over time. Good luck guys and galls… get out your pens… it’s time to start drawing stuff out!