framing and EPIC event

What is the last EPIC event you have attended? Something that changed your perspective on things or even the world after visiting an event so great that it is worthy of the adjective EPIC. For me Burning man 2007 springs to mind, but there have been lots of events that have had elements or people in them that have made me a better person for experiencing them. Last year I met up with Ruud Janssen & Roel Frissen of event model When I started to work with them I was confronted with two things… my sweet spot for people with a potentially great product / service… something that has lead me down some very inspiring paths… and secondly the fact that my working with 2 passionate people who happen to be event planners resulted in ORGANIZING an event myself. An activity not unfamiliar to my past, but after some soul searching maybe not the activities with which  should keep me busy. Organising something for organisers… always tricky.
EMG canvas team
What happend? Together with Ruud & Roel I organised a 2 day event at Zuidpark (the former home of JAM). The goal was to test out what they had put together from all of their knowledge and experience of 15+ years worth of event planning. The target group being 6 seasoned event planners and owners of high level / high stakes events.. What they were testing was a 1 page summery and prototyping tool for designing events that describes the basic building blocks for the realisation of a valuable event, while at the same time forcing the planner & event owner to communicate and share their ideas in a common language…. check out the vimeos of the event made by 3xfilm!
About 6 months on I am happy to have been able to challenge these gentlemen once again. The setting now being my own Thinking salon! After a our last meeting Ruud and Roel have been taking their story all over the world…literally! When you check out their website you will see that they are acting out what they have put as one of their simples but most needed goal: Get as many people to use the canvas and harvest their results and evaluations of its use.
Right now I am working with these event junkies to finish up the elements that will lead to the first publication of their upcoming BOOK. A simple manual for using the EMG CANVAS plus the examples, tools and inspiration needed to start prototyping events using this great new canvas. The great thing we realised in this last “booksprint” was that the word event, when look at in a braoder sense, covers much more then just big events. Potentially it is a great way to bring different disciplines in design togther, while at the same time being able to share in 1 minute (at any point in the process)m where you are in your process.
I know I will be planning a halloween BIG DRAW event on the 30th & 31st of October using this CANVAS… keep you posted! For now a quick timelapse:

Kickoff #EMGcanvas book from Ruud Janssen on Vimeo.