Daring Innovation

Because of my involvement in the BAAK STRATEGIC PROGRAM and a history involving Rutger Slump in on stage drawing of scenarios in improvising theater, I was lucky enough to reconnect with Rutger at the moment when he was setting out on a new program adventure. Daring Innovation is an empowering program for people to learn how to design their own change. This can be seen & experienced on many different levels, as always with the programs of the Baak. The main reason for my appearance in the 1st day of the program was to get the participant to pick up their pens (or mine..;) and start drawing out what they want to change. As far as respons goes the chemistry with Rutger was grade A which resulted in some very detailed visual overviews of what these people want to change. Hopefully you will hear more soon as this program is an accelerator for my “Drawing Out Change” initiative.
for more info contact Rutger Slump