a great group of people in Innsbruck, Austria invited the Event Model Generation team to come and help with the visual articulation of an audiology event that will take place in November of 2015. At the same time this was the start of some great trips I will be taking with Roel Frissen & Ruud Janssen which just goes to show that drawing stuff out is a great way to connect with people…;). Seriously, these guys are sitting on a great method for mapping out the why and what of events based on the fusion of several working “models” into 1 EVENT CANVAS.
The trip resulted in a really nice Visual showcasing the essence of the event as seen from 4 different perspectives. The rest of the trip was blessed with good food and conversation and some great new insights about the Event SIMULATOR. A board game outlining the exercise of filling out the stakeholder empathy maps and creating the boundary box for the EVENT CANVAS. These insights will certainly lead to forms that allow better stand alone use. So… very exiting.
Oh yeah… and cochlear means the snail-shaped tube (in the inner ear coiled around the modiolus) where sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses by the organ of Corti… Wait a little bit for the Canvas… it will show what this whole thing was about!