7 stages of change

I have been making Change visible for a long time and am starting to see and sometimes understand the meaning of the steps people take together to move from A to B. I just wanted to start sharing some of the images I have been making for clients. Visuals of process and change that might help YOU aswell!

Moving iterations of change seen over time

In 2018 I was fortunate enough to help team Bliss shape the foundation of their Authentic and meaningful change management rituals. This sketch was an attempt to visualise the flow of the 7 stages of change management.

  1. Denial for the need or present urgency of change
  2. Resistance of pending change…but being aware of it
  3. Development of a plan for change … based on the acceptance of it
  4. set back when the plans are not having the effects you want
  5. igniting the energy for change and finding the motivation for the current change plan
  6. losing that energy to lack of visible progress
  7. After a time you look back and see that you have grown as a group

The visual expressed the importance of connection between the people who are changing (usually clients) and the architects of that change (in this case team bliss). The undertow of this image is where the actual change can be seen in increments. Most times the problem lies in the lack of an explicit experience of change … this is why it is so important to make all change visible! We don’t believe in what we don’t see…;)