Making change visible

Making change visible

Each company in development comes to a point where the story of what you offer to whom and why you do that becomes relevant to share with the masses. Based on what I am experiencing at the moment, sharing the story of Visually yours is more a personal release then a strategic play for attention. Finally I am confident enough… so let’s go.

Ever since I started working with Jorg Humel de Vries of TRAKTUR, I started to come down from my thinking cloud. Enough thinking Jorg said… it is time for some F*cking Drawings!!!! So SHUT UP DENNIS… and start drawing!
So Okay… enough thinking. In 2016 I start drawing more! The problem is that I have conditioned myself to make every line I draw a meaningful line. Almost every stroke has some kind of meaning.  A difficult state for an artist… being stuck in meaningful mode. That is why I love the fact that I could dump al of my thoughts about an emblem for Visually yours on Jorg. Let him figure out what I can not see anymore.


the Vy-creationswirl

To my surprise and delight he came back with a triangle filled with balls… A powerful visual that has a lot of the characteristics of secret societies and magical incantations. Pretty cool. But what does it mean?

Finding the story that matches the work I do with visually yours and the expectations of an ‘new age’ image like this, was not as hard as I thought.
Originally the triangle is a delta. The mathematical symbol for CHANGE. In my own visions about an emblem I envisioned the delta crossed with a creation spiral. What Jorg came up with was quite ingenious.
He was able to create the spiral by adding the circles in a golden ratio format. When you look at the emblem you don’t see the spiral… you start to see spaces beyond. Ah crap… it is a new age logo…;)

The rest of the story will follow….

Stand, Kneel & get your hands dirty

A good moment… a sketch made at the The Hague Townhall, discussing the different levels of action. Three different ways of looking. Standing up, looking at the whole, on your knees with the blueprint or with your hands in the dirt…getting things done. This was the perfect way to open up the discussions had at different levels of the municipal organization. We are all working on the same thing. We just need to be able to connect the Steps to the Bigger Story.


What if… You could float through your failures and accomplishments to see the patterns of your future? What would that look like and how would it impact on the way we make decisions? When everybody can see where they come from and can learn to make steps that insure a happy and meaningful future?… Just a thought…;)
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