What will YOU build with a UNIBRICK?

What will YOU build with a UNIBRICK?

I have been following Rushab Chheda and Frans Taminiau ever since I visited their open table at The new business summit organised by World Start-up events somewhere in February 2020… just before the whole pandemic. I was blown away by the look and feel of their interlocking Bricks made out of Recycled plastic! At the time I was looking for a way to understand their product and create a story of their quest to use their engineering knowledge to create affordable housing suing recycled material.

When the event was done I had created a small roadmap sketch which I was happy enough to take to the next level, to get these guys to share their story BEYOND the product.

After some Zoom and Mural sessions we ended up in a lock-down. Bad for business, but good for taking stock of what you have done and clarify the path of where you are meant to be going. This process took us to the refined version of the sketch I had made in February.

For more information on the intended journey of this start-up check out: www.unibrick.global

So… now it is Oktober 2020. I took it upon myself to see where things are at the moment and not a moment too soon! Unibrick was just about to go online and start a new strategy on getting the Unibrick out there for people to start building with it themselves! The product itself is there and amazing to build with. From big Unibricks made for affordable housing (check out their website!) to the smaller mini Unibricks I got as a present to see what I would build myself!

Today…It is all about the brickthe UNIBRICK.
What would YOU build with this amazing sustainable recycled resource?
A bar? The ultimate Desktop? A garden wall experience? A visual connection point in a general or public space? A sustainable hotel room? A bathroom even…? There is so much to build.

Check out the website on www.unibrick.global and let’s see if we can get some ideation going to challenge Unibrick in its goal to reduce fabrication costs and move down then affordable housing roadmap.


SHINTA’s Quest

SHINTA’s Quest

Lately I have aloud myself to listen more to my gut when it comes to helping people with their thinking. Shinta Oosterwaal is an extra-ordinairilly intuitive system worker, who shares her talent with executives and management teams who need to be brought to a next level of thinker and working together.

I really engaged with Shinta for the first time on a stormy day at the beach in Zandvoort. We had to find the right balance and flow of the Dutch Circular Leadership Conference and she blew my mind with her intuitive way of bringing a hole in our thinking into reality by literally revealing it to us by having us engage with the conference itself. This all sounds a bit free and high fly… but the breakthrough created the right tone we were looking for.

The Dutch Circular Leadership Conference 2019 is behind us and now we are living in a new society in need of ways to navigate our coming challenges.

Now this is where things got interesting. In a zoom session Shinta explain here upcoming Phd research project where she will be looking for a way to prove how the development of the individual will usher in the remodelling phase of our new economy, post COVID 19, and therefore proving that a focus on personal development has a direct societal effect.

After Our talk, I was at the dentist office with my three kids and I drew out this sketch. It has been keeping me quite busy, because it perfectly aligns with the “flexible Focus” principle I have been embedding in my work after hearing about it from Mark Ordensky (executive producer of LOTR series).
Each individual contribution to the shared development of a story (or a society for that matter) MATTERS!!!

I am so happy to be helping Shinta with this, because in actuality I am developing myself…;). Together we will have some kind of effect on society… can’t wait to see how I can make this visible!

sketch of our thinking about the fragmented homo economicus

link to post on linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/shintaoosterwaal_voor-het-boek-anders-verder-legden-zich-activity-6659821661598072834-eKvW

Nota met benen

Ik ben nu al zo’n 3 jaar bezig met de gemeente Den Haag rondom 1 project. Een samenwerking tussen de beleidslaag van stedelijk ontwikkeling & de groene stad en het ingenieursbureau Den Haag (IBDH). Het gaat om het duingebied dat VOOR Den Haag ligt… onze voortuin…;). Eindelijk is er een NOTA waarin het via burger participatie tot stand gekomen plan als brief vanuit Wethouder Revis wordt geschreven aan de commissie Leefomgeving. Een lang traject met mooie resultaten door leuke en gepassioneerde mensen, die ECHT geven om dit gebied.
Blader er maar eens doorheen:

Op www.haagseduinen.nl is een interactieve kaart te zien waarin ik samen met Jannis Karalis (www.janniskaralis.com) en de mensen in dit project heb geprobeerd om een plek te creeren waarin je het gebied online al een beetje kan verkennen. Het doel is natuurlijk om je nieuwsgierig te maken en er naar toe te gaan. Samen met de mensen rrondom dit gebied gaan we proberen om deze online plek uit te bouwen.
Screenshot 2017-09-06 10.53.58
Screenshot 2017-09-06 10.55.35

Doe je mee? Stuur me dan even een mail van wat je wil toevoegen. Samen brengen we dit gebied beter in kaart, zodat we er nog meer van kunnen genieten… ook mensen buiten Den Haag…;).

Event Design COLLECTIVE!

Event Design COLLECTIVE!

After almost 5 years of thinking and translating & creating the #EVENTCANVAS, there is now

  1. an initiative grown into several partnerships,
  2. a workbook and an internationally published book by BIS
  3. The start of a community of excellent and n0w CERTIFIED Event Designers,
    event narratives that challenge the way we design events…
  4. a growing database of visual narratives articulating Change,  Framing stakeholder perspectives giving event planners a storytelling platform to realize TRUE VALUE
  5. The start of a decoding venture resulting in a better understanding of the mechanics of big events like the Olympics, Eurovision or even Comicon or Halloween! Making prototyping for success easier by learning from past success and failures.
  6. The event  industry (and beyond) is noticing the value of thinking ahead and being more conscious of & connected to your stakeholders. The EventCanvas Methodology is slowly gaining ground, taking the conversation to a more abstract level, whilst staying in touch with the practical sides of creating EVENTS.
  7. and more canvasses coming…;)

That being said I am very glad to announce that Visually Yours has formally joined forces with Ruud Janssen & Roel Frissen to form an entity serving the need to think about value and different stakes on any level of the event industry. With the book held high and lots of amazing people  on our path, we work together  to nurture this methodology so it may grow into a way of thinking & working, to be adopted throughout the entire event industry.
The next milestone in this evolving story has also been announced!!!
We are very glad to welcome Angeles Moreles Vallejo  from Spain , Gerrit Jessen from Germany and Terri Breining from the United States . They are grabbing the role of local champions driving this common language for events forward and becoming experts by teaching others!
The Event Design Collective is a partnership with international entrepreneurial individuals who are helping to spread the language of high level event design.
A language that has little differences every where in the world, but is driven by one goal… to design events worth attending!

Lekker Leuk Koken

Verleden jaar ben ik uitgenodigd bij de vorming van een alliantie. Een samenwerlking gedreven door een passioneel pleidooi van Kevin (blauwe shirt). Door krachten te bundelen wist hij genoeg mensen te bewegen om samen te kijken naar een belangrijk en moeilijk probleem dat voor komt in de verzorging van zwakzinnigen. Het gaat over iets heel erg leuks… iets lekkers… het gaat over koken!

Vorig jaar December zijn we begonnen en we zijn nu lekker op weg. Humanitas, Ilionx & T-Mobile zijn aan het kijken hoe ze een pad kunnen creeren dat leidt naar de realisatie van een applicatie die de clienten en begeleiders helpt bij het samen leuk en lekker koken.
img_0485We hebben samen de muur boven bij T-mobile (neergezet door Visually yours) vol geklat en zijn stappen aan het maken met de doelgroep. Het zichtbaar maken van deze alliantie en verandering is erg leuk… vandaar ook de naam…;)
Elke keer maken we weer een nieuwe stap. Van Reden voor meedoen naar organisatie, verhaal en roadmap. Het geheel begint al aardig wat in beweging te brengen… Hou dit maar in de gaten!fullsizerender