What will YOU build with a UNIBRICK?

What will YOU build with a UNIBRICK?

I have been following Rushab Chheda and Frans Taminiau ever since I visited their open table at The new business summit organised by World Start-up events somewhere in February 2020… just before the whole pandemic. I was blown away by the look and feel of their interlocking Bricks made out of Recycled plastic! At the time I was looking for a way to understand their product and create a story of their quest to use their engineering knowledge to create affordable housing suing recycled material.

When the event was done I had created a small roadmap sketch which I was happy enough to take to the next level, to get these guys to share their story BEYOND the product.

After some Zoom and Mural sessions we ended up in a lock-down. Bad for business, but good for taking stock of what you have done and clarify the path of where you are meant to be going. This process took us to the refined version of the sketch I had made in February.

For more information on the intended journey of this start-up check out: www.unibrick.global

So… now it is Oktober 2020. I took it upon myself to see where things are at the moment and not a moment too soon! Unibrick was just about to go online and start a new strategy on getting the Unibrick out there for people to start building with it themselves! The product itself is there and amazing to build with. From big Unibricks made for affordable housing (check out their website!) to the smaller mini Unibricks I got as a present to see what I would build myself!

Today…It is all about the brickthe UNIBRICK.
What would YOU build with this amazing sustainable recycled resource?
A bar? The ultimate Desktop? A garden wall experience? A visual connection point in a general or public space? A sustainable hotel room? A bathroom even…? There is so much to build.

Check out the website on www.unibrick.global and let’s see if we can get some ideation going to challenge Unibrick in its goal to reduce fabrication costs and move down then affordable housing roadmap.




A couple of years back I was in a house with some pretty Extraordinairy people. One of those was my house representative Jens Heitland. Jens has a quite power over him. He listens and lets you talk. A trait not many of us are used to. One of the things we both share is a passion for the process of innovation. Jens mainly as a driving force, myself as one who make the process visible. We ended up prototyping an experience, but found the process more interesting then the end result…;). The good thing was we liked working together.

experience map, drawn up in the front courtyard of the castle

The following year, Jens invited me to a great international event in Paris. A place where we got to engage real estate owners of some of the largest shopping centres in the world. The process of doing this, with a remotely located group of innovation experts and entrepreneurs, again was a blast! The results here were a bit different to the castle experience, but the engagement of the crowd was good. The urgency was articulated and the interaction with innovation realised.

Jens in session using a visual backdrop and some basic A3 prints to guide the conversation about the possibilities of the experience economy in the real estate domain

So now it is 2020… Jens jumps into the innovation game as a entrepreneur, starting his own innovation firm. And now things are getting interesting…;). Heitland Innovation and Visually yours are working together on an experience… Hope to make more of this visible soon! Thank Jens for your clarity of vision and directness of well spaces silence!