OFFSHORE testing

OFFSHORE testing

I have been working on a poster for the new Offshore test site at the port of Rotterdam. The Maasvlakte 2 is a man made harbor fit for offshore experimentation, testing and training. I have gotten to know the place quite well through my contact Edward Gilding of Innovation Quarter. Together with the Port of Rotterdam we have been working on combining the right caseload to showcase this amazing site!
check out the website here: maasvlakte 2

check out a 360 working session here:

This is Fresh+!

How do you get competitors to get over sectoral differences and create a goal that is so big that it can only be realised by working together??? This is one of the daily tasks put to Marieke Kodde of InnovationQuarter. This company is a relatively new innovation driver for the Province of South Holland and were put to the challenge of Driving the collaboration efforts of the Westland Horticulture Sector. Key issues being the consumer, who reacts to anything that is offered at the lowest price and the fact that certain health components in vegetables under European law can not be used in marketing when selling the product and finally the history of the sector.
As a tool we interviewed 6 key figures in the domain of Fresh Produce and funnelled all of the information into a Visual Chart showing the issues and thinking directions that lead to a bright and FRESH future.

This image was used to address the basic issues and thinking directions in an open dialogue. We tried to see if the group would be able to engage with the visual translation of their domain. Guiding the group to a shared end result being a pilot (or 2) that can be the start of a new direction in the Horticulture sector.

In 2015 this project will go on…hopefully realising some new pilots. Keep checking! This is just the beginning!