Event Design COLLECTIVE!

Event Design COLLECTIVE!

After almost 5 years of thinking and translating & creating the #EVENTCANVAS, there is now

  1. an initiative grown into several partnerships,
  2. a workbook and an internationally published book by BIS
  3. The start of a community of excellent and n0w CERTIFIED Event Designers,
    event narratives that challenge the way we design events…
  4. a growing database of visual narratives articulating Change,  Framing stakeholder perspectives giving event planners a storytelling platform to realize TRUE VALUE
  5. The start of a decoding venture resulting in a better understanding of the mechanics of big events like the Olympics, Eurovision or even Comicon or Halloween! Making prototyping for success easier by learning from past success and failures.
  6. The event  industry (and beyond) is noticing the value of thinking ahead and being more conscious of & connected to your stakeholders. The EventCanvas Methodology is slowly gaining ground, taking the conversation to a more abstract level, whilst staying in touch with the practical sides of creating EVENTS.
  7. and more canvasses coming…;)

That being said I am very glad to announce that Visually Yours has formally joined forces with Ruud Janssen & Roel Frissen to form an entity serving the need to think about value and different stakes on any level of the event industry. With the book held high and lots of amazing people  on our path, we work together  to nurture this methodology so it may grow into a way of thinking & working, to be adopted throughout the entire event industry.
The next milestone in this evolving story has also been announced!!!
We are very glad to welcome Angeles Moreles Vallejo  from Spain , Gerrit Jessen from Germany and Terri Breining from the United States . They are grabbing the role of local champions driving this common language for events forward and becoming experts by teaching others!
The Event Design Collective is a partnership with international entrepreneurial individuals who are helping to spread the language of high level event design.
A language that has little differences every where in the world, but is driven by one goal… to design events worth attending!

Event Design Handbook

Finally it is happening! I am writing a book…or rather collaborating to realise one coming to life. I have been working With @RuudJanssen & @RoelFrissen to make a statement in the industry that organises thousands of events every day. This Book will open your eyes and take events to the next level and connect them over time to really make a difference!
Be sure to check out www.bispublishers.com for the publication in september!!!