Happy collective greetings!

Happy collective greetings!

The Event Design Collective, EDCo for short, is growing somewhere in BETWEEN steady and exponentially…;). This year we have successfully partnered with 3 new licensees who head up their countries as regional directors! Holland, Italy and France now all have great new champions to help us spread the word about great Event Design through a methodical teamwork.

During the holidays when you have some time…Check out our new website on: www.edco.global.

Happy holidays and a collective greeting to everyone!

“Step back to speed up!”

“Step back to speed up!”

In order to move beyond the mediocre state of affairs we see at most conferences today, the event industry needs to learn one simple principle… “Step back to speed up!”

The go go go mentality of the event game is good for getting things done. In fact it has made the industry what it is today. Bigger and better venues, with better food and lighting… the strength of events lies in organizing them.
But what if getting things done is not good enough anymore? What if the attendance of big events drop, simply because we’ve done them, seen them and have 200 t-shirts and lanyards to show for it. What can you do to re-imagine and innovate the concept of events by spending a little bit more time to think about what they actually are intended for.

This is what the Event Design handbook puts at the center of its own promise. How do you systematically innovate your event? What steps do you take to ask they right questions to the right people? And how can you learn from looking back, forward, in the present and across the border of your own doing. That is the challenge.

We get the right people together to collaborate on innovative concepts and teach them how to translate these new concepts to amazing new experiences!

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buy book at BIS

check out a great end to end blog about the MPI WEC18 conference

Designing events that matter

This September I have been fortunate enough to be able to say I finally published a book… well 2 actually, but more about the other one later. The big takeaway for anyone who has a book to write is : GET A DEADLINE!!! And of course Do NOT do it alone!
The road that lead to the creation of “The Event Design handbook”, has been a long one, stretching over two years! What I can say is that the experience that I had with Ruud Janssen and Roel Frissen has primed me for more! The premise of this book is to understand the relevance of events that matter and explain to the people who are dealing with this challenge every day a Tool called the EVENT CANVAS .
The cool thing about the model in this book is that it helps you articulate exactly what it is you want to CHANGE by organizing an event. The Change in behaviour is the most valuable result you are designing and generally we do not take the time to step back and have a discussion about Value. This book helps you to do just that. And by having that discussion we hope to challenge anyone in the world concerned with events to up their game and look at what your doing with a fresh perspective.
Having said that… my personal interest in this project lies way beyond events. It is about Change. And that makes me a happy Visual Change Master…;).  For now please go to BIS PUBLISHERS to get the book! It will be available soon on all global platforms!