SHINTA’s Quest

SHINTA’s Quest

Lately I have aloud myself to listen more to my gut when it comes to helping people with their thinking. Shinta Oosterwaal is an extra-ordinairilly intuitive system worker, who shares her talent with executives and management teams who need to be brought to a next level of thinker and working together.

I really engaged with Shinta for the first time on a stormy day at the beach in Zandvoort. We had to find the right balance and flow of the Dutch Circular Leadership Conference and she blew my mind with her intuitive way of bringing a hole in our thinking into reality by literally revealing it to us by having us engage with the conference itself. This all sounds a bit free and high fly… but the breakthrough created the right tone we were looking for.

The Dutch Circular Leadership Conference 2019 is behind us and now we are living in a new society in need of ways to navigate our coming challenges.

Now this is where things got interesting. In a zoom session Shinta explain here upcoming Phd research project where she will be looking for a way to prove how the development of the individual will usher in the remodelling phase of our new economy, post COVID 19, and therefore proving that a focus on personal development has a direct societal effect.

After Our talk, I was at the dentist office with my three kids and I drew out this sketch. It has been keeping me quite busy, because it perfectly aligns with the “flexible Focus” principle I have been embedding in my work after hearing about it from Mark Ordensky (executive producer of LOTR series).
Each individual contribution to the shared development of a story (or a society for that matter) MATTERS!!!

I am so happy to be helping Shinta with this, because in actuality I am developing myself…;). Together we will have some kind of effect on society… can’t wait to see how I can make this visible!

sketch of our thinking about the fragmented homo economicus

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Financien bij de KABK-les2

Financien bij de KABK-les2

Gister alweer de tweede les met de cross-departementale groep van het ministerie van Financien. We zaten met les 2 in een wat gestructureerdere omgeving ten opzichte van les 1. Ja… ook de KABK heeft college zalen! Voor deze les samen visueel werken bleek deze set-up prima te werken.

User stories are more difficult then you think!

Een mooi leermoment voor zowel de leergang als de deelnemers was dat de stap van les 1 (aanzetten tekenmotor) naar een USER STORY een grote was, maar dat het wel de juiste verhalen opleverde. Gedurende deze les hebben we elkaar visueel uitgedaagd en het verhaal los gekeken om vervolgens meteen de feedback te verwerken in een beter visueel verhaal.  Mooie hete dag met goed resultaat! Op naar les 3… het maken van je eigen praatplaat!