I have been working with T-MobileNL for quite a while now and I had yet to meet the brand and Com team. I got the opportunity to challenge their UNLIMITED thinking by filling in the activities at an off-site team retreat, which was geared towards creating a new bond between a newly configured  group of professionals. The location was a perfect place to do a couple of exercises that would not only bring these people together, but also introduce a new frame of mind. How do you think UNLIMITED?
It is one thing to say you have an UNLIMITED amount of data to use when you join T-mobile as a client… but what does this mean? What does it mean for this team, what does it mean for the company, but most important…what does it mean to offer something without limits???
We carried on with a Challenge that was to be executed in a FERRIS WHEEL! A great way to get some distance and look beyond just the challenge. What became very clear very soon, was that going on a Ferris wheel can be a challenge in itself (for some people). During the ride an extra Challenge was added (by Whatsapp!) to keep everybody thinking on their toes! The presentations that followed were based on a simple comic book style presentation in which you introduce a situation and go through an UNFORTUNATELY, FORTUNATELY, UNFORTUNATELY & FORTUNATELY to add some drama to the storytelling. Worked great!
By the end of the day the biggest challenge was to keep the energy up… so this is why we did a standing catchphrase carousel ending up in one shared battle cry!

Lekker Leuk Koken

Verleden jaar ben ik uitgenodigd bij de vorming van een alliantie. Een samenwerlking gedreven door een passioneel pleidooi van Kevin (blauwe shirt). Door krachten te bundelen wist hij genoeg mensen te bewegen om samen te kijken naar een belangrijk en moeilijk probleem dat voor komt in de verzorging van zwakzinnigen. Het gaat over iets heel erg leuks… iets lekkers… het gaat over koken!

Vorig jaar December zijn we begonnen en we zijn nu lekker op weg. Humanitas, Ilionx & T-Mobile zijn aan het kijken hoe ze een pad kunnen creeren dat leidt naar de realisatie van een applicatie die de clienten en begeleiders helpt bij het samen leuk en lekker koken.
img_0485We hebben samen de muur boven bij T-mobile (neergezet door Visually yours) vol geklat en zijn stappen aan het maken met de doelgroep. Het zichtbaar maken van deze alliantie en verandering is erg leuk… vandaar ook de naam…;)
Elke keer maken we weer een nieuwe stap. Van Reden voor meedoen naar organisatie, verhaal en roadmap. Het geheel begint al aardig wat in beweging te brengen… Hou dit maar in de gaten!fullsizerender

next age, new values

Last year I was happy to see Mildred Hofkes reach a 5 year journey of nurturing and engaging C-level leaders in their attempts to get a grip on the new ways of governing the world. She gave a great speech in which she could now look back on my cases and crashed reputations to amplify her focus on new ways of collaborating and listening to move into a more sustainable future… bla bla bla… with les sugar on top: Dealing with Baby Boomers and their struggles to either move from or challenge the way they run things.
For me this has been an amazing ride along, with a back seat look at all of these people and the complexities of their stake (and share)holder issues. I have been making the change visible for some time now and we have now arrived at a point where talk needs to be translated into action. For this reason we created two new visuals.
First of we created a “simple”template that share a sparks the conversation around IN-activity. What if you do nothing… and let it burst? When people who on a daily basis deal with stakes and shares are confronted with this choice, their reactions are quite interesting. What does succes look like? And what are you prepared to do to make that happen?

Be the change!
The second is a bit more complex. It addresses 5 recognizable states. 5 horrible hurdles which almost make it impossible to changes without feeling the personal and organisational discomfort. Taking these issues on all at truly is impossible… This is why Mildred asks you to pick one and focus on it for 33 days! Based on a personal live trip she took to Bhutan she learned that any change can be made by a dedicated focus of “33”days. This was the experiment that ended 2016. 33 days of focus on 1 issue and see what happens. I tried it and my issue of organizing Feedback stayed with me every day… which is why this action can make a difference!Jubileum Nieuw bestuur
Of course the best way to pay tribute to this beautiful story, was by working on a new visual. Every time we meet and discuss these new values and old principles we reveal a little more of the path that lies ahead. Always a pleasure to see the cloud lift!
Jubileum Nieuw bestuur5jaar nieuw bestuur_1.jpg

Sharing DOOM with Carl

One of the more interesting people I met lately was Carl Verheijen. This former IceSkating Olympic Brons Champion has put his enormous ability of Focus to an almost impossible task. Reforming the way we look at the CARE system. I met Carl at a New Governance conference and we ended up making a big visual of his challenge. Not only a sketch enabling him to share his collective efforts but also a visual sharing the impending DOOM scenario we are heading towards when we do nothing. This “ANTI-SOLL” has become a great way to expose delicate relationships and political standstill. By using  a narrative to talk about how it all got so bad, Carl is able to make a stronger point when talking about getting rid of the walls of miscommunication to ushering new Models of working together in the CARE system focussing on prevention and not the complaint. (going from : “what is the matter?’ to ” What matters to you?”. Check him out in this video and check out the link below, made possible by Jannis Karalis. A 360 degree experience of the visual.

zorg preventie model


Sometimes you just have to map stuff out on the walls. In this instance the engineering bureau of the city of the Hague needed to map out their efforts against the vision of a dune area. A participatory process needed to come together… starting point… the wall!
…en in een keer viel alles op z’n plek…;). Mooi werk Ellen, Joanne & Klaas!