Luctor et Emergo!

Luctor et Emergo!

Anything worth doing needs a central start of that Story. 
A trigger to get the narrative going and a way to open up the first emotional connection to possible collaboration. As so for the connecting character of Groundwater. After some debate the collaborating team came to an analogy of a fishing floater. This inspired this image of a local physical living environment, floating amidst all groundwater of Holland. It symbolises that groundwater crosses all municipal and regional boundaries and truly connects us all.


This project ended up with the creation of two posters. The poster above communicates a shared path to a practical perspective forward, between all parties involved. Creating a shared context is key. Sharing the story about groundwater and the invisible ecosystems that lie below our feet is an important step to start up a process of stakeholder alignment.


. Once the stage has been set between all who have a stake in that physical living environment AND everyone has been made conscious about what stakes are on the table, it is time to start playing the GAME. 
By working through a map of what lies below, the stakeholders build a shared system of interdependencies, that shows where their stakes conflict and where they amplify each other. The navigator helps to bring the discussion to a shared program of action.

For more information about this project check out the microlearning created by IN BRAIN:

You can also go to the project section of this website to get a more in depth look at the project:

The path to circular leadership

The path to circular leadership

Mildred has been part of my live for a decade now. First as a potential client, then as a challenge to visualise and now after 10 years of conferences and unique leadership meetings as a friend. Last year we collaborated with lots of other fans of the circular principle and created an event called the Dutch Conference for Circulair Leadership.

event flow of the Dutch Circulair Leadership Conference

At this conference I had the task of listening for the stuff that was being said in-between the lines. Little did I know that the in between became the centre output of this conference. In Between? you might say…. In between what? The in-between in this instance is the path that lies between the current focus on linear Growth and the circulair alternative already owned by future leaders. What we are having difficulty with is the difference in language that is spoken on this path. As you decide to move away from a finite and crumbling system you find yourself on a road where it is hard to say the right thing. We are afraid of the risks that come with failing…. well that. is something you can read about in the new edition of the Optimist.

go check out nr 193 and the new 25 year celebration edition!

presented on the 19th of June by Mildred herself!

I will share an insight on how we developed the path in an upcoming Circulair Post! For now a sneak peak:

This visual is the result of 10 years of discovery. 3 actionable principles YOU can adopt. to start moving along the path of circular leadership.


7 stages of change

I have been making Change visible for a long time and am starting to see and sometimes understand the meaning of the steps people take together to move from A to B. I just wanted to start sharing some of the images I have been making for clients. Visuals of process and change that might help YOU aswell!

Moving iterations of change seen over time

In 2018 I was fortunate enough to help team Bliss shape the foundation of their Authentic and meaningful change management rituals. This sketch was an attempt to visualise the flow of the 7 stages of change management.

  1. Denial for the need or present urgency of change
  2. Resistance of pending change…but being aware of it
  3. Development of a plan for change … based on the acceptance of it
  4. set back when the plans are not having the effects you want
  5. igniting the energy for change and finding the motivation for the current change plan
  6. losing that energy to lack of visible progress
  7. After a time you look back and see that you have grown as a group

The visual expressed the importance of connection between the people who are changing (usually clients) and the architects of that change (in this case team bliss). The undertow of this image is where the actual change can be seen in increments. Most times the problem lies in the lack of an explicit experience of change … this is why it is so important to make all change visible! We don’t believe in what we don’t see…;)