At the College of Extraordinary Experiences (CoEE for short) we went through a trans-formative experience to internalize a seemingly simple principle… Work together, work fast and work forward. In a sequence this “Chant”has now become a reminder to the ones who attended this conference that progress lies in shared iterative doing, while being mindful of how your steps are connected to your story.
As a group we entered this event from 2 distinctly different angles. The first timers and the now 2nd year Alumni. As a connected family of experience designers we exited this event, reminded that there is no US without U. I am have been deeply moved by the steps that are visibly taking place after we all left the castle. Keeping true to the principle of DO! NOT TALK.
To all of you who practiced the CoEE MOVEMENT with us last Monday. I would like to share this simple line. Whenever you doodle this, be reminded to grab a partner, prototype your thinking together and move forward. If we all keep doing that we will be making visible steps that reconnect us to our shared experience of CoEE17.
I love you all
Silent D
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