a snowy March 6th 2006 – faculty of IDE at DUT

13 years ago [March 6th 2006], i drove down to the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at DUT, set up my working prototype in the van Grinten Hall and held my final thesis talk about LAGOM (an interactive music mixing experience). After the laymen Talk, came the engineering exam with my 5 supervisors, which eventually culminated in my title of:

“Master of Industrial Design Engineering”
, with an [at the time] citation in the direction of DfI – “Design for Interaction”.

After 12 years at the faculty and 8 months at Philips Media Interaction Group [part of Philips Research], I was done.

me with my main DUT supervisor , Prof. Dr. Rene van Egmond

My first experience after graduation was the reception at the ID-Kaffee, where emotions ran freely as did the beer…;). When I finally got home at my parents house, I was confronted with a bolted door. I was sent on a quest by my JAMMED brothers, to find the tools that would help me break down the door. During the reception I got one sledgehammer and one axe. I tried using them but ended up needing a tool with a little more finesse…;). I was handed a chainsaw… the door went down like “butter”. What a great way to start on the road of engineering solutions, breaking and tearing down my own door.

I was done with the beginning.
Because with this MSc. title in my pocket and a young company to develop, at 33 i could finally START sharing what I had learned, with people in need of that knowledge. What came after was a great flood stream of experiences challenging the chainsaw, which if I look back at the last 13 years have kept me learning constantly.

Today is my engineering day!