Images of Design Thinking

When I started to write about this book, I realize that I have known Rianne for almost 25 years. She started out as a teacher, turned into a client and now is a person of interest and a peer when it comes to handling the dynamic process of Innovation. When she asked me to help her translate the 80+ interviews that took 5+ years to distill into a visual model that would take you into the world of innovators… my answer had to be yes. Not only because I had been interviewed at the time when I was developing JAM visual thinking, but also because of my good friend Guy Hafkamp who passed away in 2013. When reading these interviews it is a treat to recognize your own image but it is even nicer to SEE and read who others are and how they take place in the grand landscape of innovators.
images of DT-parts4.jpg
The process of making the translation to the model that is explained in the book was not easy. The 4 images give you and idea of what innovators do in certain places of change and for different stakeholders.  Of course you are never just one image. Rianne uses these images to create tables of recognition at her sessions. When you sit down at a table where everybody contributes to innovation in the same way the conversation starts up very easy. It is like a warm bath of innovative likemindedness…;) The model helps you to become  aware of the diversity that lies in the innovation process and the position to occupy in this landscape of change.
images of design thinking - rings_1.jpg
Making this model visual not only helps to explain these interviews, but it is a great way to take others along in your innovation practices and how they connect from the VALUE to the FUTURE and PURPOSE to EXPERIENCE.
images of design thinking_1.jpg
The skethces above are not in the book…They give you a glimpse into the process of translation. You can acquire this great work of academic persistence at:
The ladies of Roquefort did an absolutely amazing job of making the whole book a delight to read! When you are an innovator (or think you are ) GET THIS BOOK! It will help you to get a better grip on your contribution to innovation…anywhere…;)