You are in control of the decisions that govern the twistsand turns you encounter on your path. And when you know what you want, when, with whom and most important WHY,you own a reason to believe. With this reason in your hand, you are given the option of making a conscious choice to look beyond the path, accept your journey and make the decisions to keep you going forward.

Visual engagement

Visual Engagement is about Seeing and feeling the path and journey AND being able to SHARE it with others. When the complicated steps of your path get in the way, VISUAL ENGAGEMENT can step in to make people CONNECT.

By Storifying your goal you simplify its nature. You make it more relatable, because the goal and its challenges are made visibly clear. Engaging people visually makes them feel through seeing or experiencing the story themselves.  It makes them part of the story or even gives them centre stage to its drama. By standing in the middle of the story we can relate to reason or situation in a much more emotionally profound way.

By putting people IN the physical situation using for instance VR, AR or actual play, they become part of the story themselves.This makes them listen and accept Their challenge with a more open perspective. The space you create for people to connect or relate to any situation becomes the goal for visually yours and its story creation partners.